Scaffolding as the construction industry * need goods, sellers in the sale of products, generally will be the product said to be fancy, so many builders want to purchase price * that is reasonable, goods and * quality products, thus giving rise to the scaffolding fasteners sales industry competitive. When purchasing scaffolding fasteners we often encounter some problems, the following you to talk specifically about what issues need to be noted when purchasing.

Scaffolding fasteners as steel scaffolding erection and dismantling in the necessary * products, most builders are how to purchase it? How can we make procurement costs lower? So that the construction unit in terms of construction funds can also save money.

With the continuous progress of modern society, the continuous updating of products, today’s builders in the purchase of products will put the security * in * one, natural production of security * excellent * products is the manufacturer’s top priority, so in the selection of products from the characteristics of the product, know your enemy, in order to win a hundred battles.

The first thing to look at the scaffolding is not a * welded pipe, a * product and two * product price * will be much worse, the quality is also much worse. Further is to see whether the weld is full and uniform, if the weld is used to spot welding or leakage, the quality of such scaffolding in use when the bearing capacity is greatly reduced, affecting the construction of the safety *.

In the consideration of construction efficiency, because the manufacturing cost of scaffolding is not high, but it is in the construction of the building dismantling of more man-hours, and the cost is much higher than the cost, so that the construction efficiency is not high is a reason for us to consider buying scaffolding.

When purchasing scaffolding must not pursue low prices * to see the scaffolding origin and scaffolding production materials, scaffolding wall thickness, scaffolding capacity, the strength of the scaffolding manufacturer and product cooperation cases and other aspects of consideration.


Post time: Sep-23-2021