1. Flat Steel Pallet

Flat steel pallets are general-purpose steel pallets, and among steel pallets, they are the most used type of steel pallets. This steel pallet can be divided into double-sided fork, four-sided fork, and free fork according to the way that forklifts and other equipment can enter the fork. When choosing these steel pallets, you should make a reasonable choice according to your actual situation.

2. Column Type Steel Pallet

The column pallet is evolved from a flat pallet. There are steel fixed or detachable columns at the four corners of the pallet, and some have connected beams between the columns. The advantages of this steel pallet are: it can prevent the goods slide down during transportation, loading and unloading, and the four corners are used to support the load, which can increase the stacking height of the goods on the pallet and improve its utilization rate.

3. Box Type Steel Pallet

The basic structure of the box-type steel pallet is that along the four sides of the pallet, there are plate-type, grid-type, mesh-type and other barriers, and the backing plate forms the box body. According to the actual needs of use, some need to have a top plate design, and some have no top plate. Due to the box-type structure of this steel pallet, it has strong protection ability, can effectively prevent the damage of goods caused by collapse, and can transport various special-shaped items that cannot be stably stacked.

Post time: Oct-21-2022