1. Steel pipe fastener scaffolding

Fastener scaffolding is a kind of multi-pole scaffolding that is widely used at present, and can also be used as inner scaffolding, full-floor scaffolding, formwork scaffolding, etc. There are three kinds of commonly used fasteners: rotary fasteners, right-angle fasteners, butt fasteners

2. Bowl Buckle Steel Pipe Scaffolding

It is a multifunctional tool-type scaffold, which is composed of main components, auxiliary components and special components. The whole series is divided into 23 categories and 53 specifications. Uses: single and double row scaffolding, support frame, support column, material lifting frame, overhanging scaffolding, climbing scaffolding, etc.

3. Clasp scaffold

Disc-type scaffolding, also known as chrysanthemum disc-type scaffolding system, disc-type multi-functional scaffolding, is an upgraded product after bowl-buckle scaffolding. It is mainly used for lighting racks and background racks for large-scale concerts.

4. Wheel Buckle Scaffolding

The wheel buckle scaffold is a new type of in-line steel scaffold with self-locking function. It has the characteristics of large bearing capacity, fast construction speed, strong stability, and easy site management.

5. Cantilevered scaffolding

Cantilever scaffold is a kind of simple facilities used in construction, which is divided into one for each layer and two kinds of multi-layer cantilever.

6. Portal Scaffolding

Portal scaffolding is one of the most widely used scaffoldings in construction. Because the main frame is in the shape of “door”, it is called portal or portal scaffolding, also known as scaffolding or gantry.

Post time: Sep-16-2022