Zinc steel guardrail refers to the use of zinc alloy material for different parts, with different functional fence railings, due to its later is treated with electrostatic spraying surface layer, so that has the advantages of high * degree, high hardness, exquisite appearance, bright color, etc., become the mainstream products used in residential communities, factories and colleges, road traffic, etc.. The traditional guardrail using iron bar material, need to resort to welding and other process technology, and the texture is soft, easy to rust, single color. Zinc steel balcony guardrail ** to solve the shortcomings of the traditional guardrail, and the price * moderate, become the traditional variety of guardrail material alternative products.

(1), safety *: the use of high * degree of zinc alloy, after T5 heat treatment forming, and after a unique design, one forming, all weld-free, the overall strength increased.

(2), aesthetics: streamlined appearance, soft tones, can harmonize the surrounding landscape, can blend with the modern urban space and natural environment, allowing you to leisurely swim in it.

(3), Shu* sex: look into the distance, ornamental beauty, to provide you with a comfortable *, safe * platform.

(4), practicality: the surface is treated by a special process to form a long-term protective film, smooth and flat, no rust, easy to clean, no maintenance.

(5), weather resistance: the product with its aluminum alloy characteristics, the surface and then a special treatment, so regardless of air pollution in the city or sea salt corrosion of the coastal areas, can be used without worry, to solve your maintenance worries.

Products both practical and decorative, can be used for family homes, courtyards, don’t *, enterprises, institutions, municipalities, parks outside wall fence. Can be customized according to customer requirements specifications. The products are made of hot zinc steel, which has strong corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, excellent humidity and heat resistance, low base requirements, long service life, green and environmental protection. Products can be customized according to the need for product height and width. You can also choose the suitable color according to your preference.


Post time: Sep-23-2021