On the morning of December 28th, 2021

The mayor and leaders of Pizhou City visited and inspected Xuzhou Keju Lixin factory, and General Manager Gao warmly received the visiting group. The mayor inspected the workshop environment and safety precaution facilities of our factory; he inspected and guided us on our factory management, factory environment, workshop production safety, etc.



The mayor, accompanied by Mr. Gao, visited the working workshop of our factory.




Mr. Gao introduced in detail the production situation of our factory, the safe production operation of the workers, the galvanizing process, etc.

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During this period, the leaders praised the safety production and production quality of our factory, and expressed their affirmation and reassurance about the products of Keju Lixin. It is necessary to establish and improve the responsibility system of safety production, clarify the responsible subject of safety production, and make constant attention to safety production. It is necessary to further strengthen the safety training for employees, improve the awareness of safe production and enhance the emergency handling ability.

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All relevant departments should strengthen the work of safety hazard investigation and treatment, thoroughly investigate hidden dangers and continuously optimize safe production.


Post time: Dec-30-2021