1, municipal guardrail has beautiful and practical features.

2, the product is easy to install, suitable for a variety of municipal buildings, roads use.

3, municipal guardrail is currently one of the popular road isolation guardrail at home and abroad. Mainly used for field isolation zone, municipal engineering isolation zone, garden guardrail. Municipal construction of parks, lawns, zoos, pools and lakes, roads, and residential areas of isolation and protection; hotels, hotels, super *, entertainment places of protection and decoration.



Municipal guardrail is widely used in municipal projects, roads, factories, development zones, garden squares and other places of security * protection and decorative beauty *; can also be used in the community, courtyard, don’t 8, its smooth lines, simple and beautiful, rich modern atmosphere, so that the community color, let the courtyard glow, let don’t * with the times of high quality. Its products are beautiful, and solid, good anti-corrosion, simple installation, easy maintenance, easy to clean, economical and practical, free from maintenance, beautiful structure, and good coordination with the environment. Is the beauty of * urban environmental engineering products!


Post time: Sep-23-2021