The application of steel structures in industrial and civil buildings generally has the following areas:

1. Heavy plant structure

The workshop where the crane lifting weight is larger or its work is more heavy uses steel frame. Such as metallurgical workshop of open hearth, converter workshop, mixed iron furnace workshop, initial rolling workshop; Heavy machinery factory casting steel workshop, hydraulic press workshop, forging workshop, etc. In recent years, with the extensive application of grid structure, steel structure is also used in general industrial workshops.

2. Large-span structure

Such as aircraft assembly workshop, hangar, dry coal shed, hall, stadium, exhibition hall and so on all need large span structure. Its structural system can be net frame, suspension cable, arch and frame.

3. Tower mast structure

Including the mast structure of the tower, such as TV tower, microwave tower, transmission line tower, drilling tower, environmental and atmospheric monitoring tower, radio antenna rod, broadcast transmission mast and so on.

4. Multi-storey, high-rise and super high-rise buildings

The skeleton of multi-storey and high-rise buildings can adopt steel structure. Multi-storey frames in industrial buildings and high-rise or super-high-rise buildings such as hotels and restaurants should adopt frame structure system, frame support system and frame shear wall system. In recent years, steel structures have been gradually developed in this field.

5. Structure subjected to vibration load and earthquake action

In workshops with larger forging hammers, although the power directly borne by the skeleton is not large, the indirect vibration is extremely strong, and steel structures can be used. Steel structures should also be used for structures with high seismic resistance requirements.

6. Plate and shell structure

Such as large oil depots, oil tanks, gas depots, blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, funnels, chimneys, water towers and various pipes.

7. Other structures

Such as trestle, pipeline support, derrick and offshore oil production platform.

8. Detachable or mobile structure

Mobile homes for commercial, tourism and construction sites are mostly made of light steel structures and connected with bolts or fasteners.

Post time: Sep-07-2022