Solar PV bracket is a special bracket designed for placing, installing and fixing solar panels in solar PV power system. General materials are aluminum alloy, carbon steel and stainless steel.
Solar support system related products material is carbon steel and stainless steel, carbon steel surface do hot dip galvanized treatment, outdoor use 30 years without rust. Solar photovoltaic support system is characterized by no welding, no drilling, 100% adjustable and 100% reusable.
The world energy crisis has promoted the rapid development of new energy industries, and solar energy is the most important basic energy source among all kinds of renewable energy sources; therefore, the solar power generation technology that converts solar radiation energy into electricity, i.e., the photovoltaic industry is developing rapidly; in the old concept, the photovoltaic industry mainly includes the production chain of solar modules, the production chain of electrical control components such as controllers and inverters.
The advantages of solar support systems in the application of solar panel support go far beyond simple production and installation. Solar panels can also be moved flexibly according to the sun's rays and the seasons. Just as when they are first installed, each solar panel bevel can be adjusted to the different angles of the light by moving the fasteners and fastening them again to fix the solar panel exactly in the specified position.

Post time: Dec-13-2021