W beam guardrail is one of the most common safety and anti-collision facilities on the way of driving. It has good anti-corrosion performance, anti-aging, beautiful appearance, uniformity, convenient installation, good visual orientation, and appearance and color diversity.

The most common color of road guardrail —— silver white, silver white is the most original color of the guardrail plate after hot dip galvanized treatment on the surface. In the surface treatment, because the use of roads and customer needs are different, the surface of the galvanized layer content is not the same.

The content of several zinc layers of hot dip galvanizing treatment on the surface of corrugated guardrail are as follows:

1.Surface zinc layer: 600g/㎡

Using Q235 low carbon steel raw material, it is processed and pressed into a standard guardrail plate of 4320*310*85*3/4mm. The surface is hot-dip galvanized with a zinc layer content of 600g/㎡ and a thickness of 85um, which conforms to the national standard of hot-dip galvanized guardrail standard.

2.Surface zinc layer: 300g/㎡

Using Q235 low carbon steel raw material, surface after hot dip galvanized zinc layer content 300g/㎡, non national standard. The length and thickness of the guardrail can be customized according to customer requirements.

3.Surface zinc layer: 100g/㎡

Using galvanized whiteboard direct pressure type, the surface zinc layer content is less than 100g, the thin zinc layer leads to corrosion and rust effect is worse than hot dip galvanized, the protection life is also short, the anti-scratch effect is poor, but the relative cost is low.

Post time: Jul-29-2022