According to the structural form, the types of building steel structure can be divided into seven common types of steel structure, such as laminated steel structure, tower steel structure and stair steel structure:

1. Laminated steel structure

Section steel as the main load-bearing beam, connected to the main wall or beam ends of the support points. The main structure is first laid with profited steel plate, then laid with steel bar, and then with the original structure surrounding anchorage connection, finally pouring concrete.

2. Villa steel structure expansion

The beams, columns and shelves of the main structure of the steel villa are composed of cold-formed thin-wall steel structure or composite beams. The steel structural members are lightweight and easy to transport, install, assemble, disassemble and expand.

3. Tower steel structure

The tower for high-rise steel structure, the main structural material for steel pipe. The tower is widely used for other special purposes, such as factory chimney support, large building support, water tower, monitoring engineering, communication engineering and so on.

4. Staircase steel structure

The supporting system of steel structure stair is the steel inclined beam of stair as the main structural component, stair step mainly uses steel pedal, baluster form is horizontal inclined line with stair inclined beam more. It is characterized by small occupation area, convenient construction, casual modeling and strong practicability.

5. Garage entrance steel structure

Factory manufacturing, site installation, high processing accuracy, short manufacturing cycle, high production efficiency, fast construction, neat appearance, casual modeling.

6. Shopping mall entrance and exit steel structure

A suitable and reasonable structural system is adopted to achieve advanced technology, novel structure, and perfect unity of architecture and structure. The steel surface adopts hot-dip galvanizing and fluorocarbon spraying technology, which is durable, bright and beautiful.

7. Horizontal (Flat Slope) Steel Structure

The steel shelves are connected to the original structure by pouring reinforced concrete horizontal beams over the steel layer of the original building (some of the waterproof insulation and parapet walls need to be removed), laying steel purlins or wood purlins, laying deck tiles or colored steel plates, and installing tiger Windows on top of the new slope layer for ventilation and decoration.

Post time: Jun-20-2022