1. Choose a suitable place and warehouse
①The place or a clean warehouse where the galvanized square pipe is kept should be selected in a clean and tidy place with unobstructed drainage pipes, and avoid factories and mines that cause toxic gases or smoke. Weeds and all dirt should be cleaned up on the field, and the galvanized square pipes should be kept tidy.
②In the warehouse, the galvanized square pipe should not be piled up with acid, alkali, salt, cement and other raw materials that have adhesion to the galvanized square pipe. Pipes of different types of pipes should be stacked separately to avoid confusion and avoid contact with rust.
③ Large and medium-sized channel steel, large-diameter seamless pipes, steel castings and other materials can be piled up outdoors.
④ Small and medium-sized channel steel, coils, construction steel bars, medium-diameter pipes, steel wires and wire ropes, etc., can be stored in a shed with better ventilation, but they must be placed on and under the pad.
⑤ Certain small and medium-sized pipes, hot-dip galvanized rectangular pipes, rolled steel plates, strip steel, silicon steel sheets, thin-walled pipes, and various cold-rolled and easily rusty metals can be stored in warehouses.
⑥ The place where the pipes are stored needs to be opened in a sunny state for ventilation, and the windows need to be closed in time to prevent moisture in rainy days, and often maintain a suitable natural storage environment.
Knock: To make the nut easier to loosen, use a square top hammer to slightly hit the rusty galvanized square tube. If it is a cast iron nut, a little force is required. The Q345B square tube is normal. The plastic part only needs to be tapped lightly.

Post time: Dec-02-2021