1. Cutting drawing sheet

This process is the material inspection part, which includes the confirmation of the model and specifications selected for the project and the quality inspection of the material.

2. Lofting and marking material

(1) When setting out, the assembly mark, screw hole mark, position direction of reinforcing plate, tilt mark and center line, reference line and inspection line should be clearly marked. When necessary, the sample should be made.

(2) Pay attention to the reservation of production and installation of welding shrinkage allowance; Allowance for cutting, planing and milling; Reserved dimensions for installation.

(3)The bending and deformation of the material should be corrected before marking.


The steel plate is blanking with CNC multi-head cutting machine, but the rust and dirt on the cutting surface should be cleaned before blanking to keep the cutting parts clean and smooth, and the slag and splash should be removed after cutting. The operator is skilled in the use of mechanical equipment and operating procedures to adjust the best value of the best parameters of the equipment.

4. Set up and shape

The deformation of the steel should be corrected before the erection, and the contact surface should be free of burrs, dirt and debris, so as to ensure that the assembly of the components is tightly combined and in line with the quality standards. Proper tools and equipment, such as right-angle steel ruler, should be used to ensure adequate accuracy after assembly. The equipment used is Z12 type steel forming machine.

5. Welding

① The equipment used in this process is a door type automatic submerged arc welder.

② Welding process:The welded steel column and steel beam are welded by door automatic submerged arc welding. The joint plate of column and beam is welded by hand. The use of door automatic welding should meet the following two points:

(1) The rust and burr dirt within 30-50mm of the welding edge must be cleaned to reduce the factors causing defects such as welding pores.

(2) The arc guide plate shall be made of the same material as the base metal, the welding groove form shall be the same, and the length shall meet the provisions of the standard; The use of manual arc should meet the following requirements: The use of good condition, fully functional welding machine, the selected welding rod should be dried in a drying box.

6. Making holes

7. Corrective steel

① Equipment used: flange aligning machine.

② Process requirements: Operators are familiar with the process content and equipment operation procedures. After correction, they should conduct self-inspection, and allow deviations to meet the relevant provisions of “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Steel Structure”.

8. End cut

The end of the welded steel column and beam should be cut flat, and the equipment used is the end milling machine.

9. Remove rust

The fatigue strength and corrosion resistance of steel can be improved by using special derusting equipment and projectile derusting. The hardness of the steel surface also has different degrees of improvement, which is conducive to the echo of the paint film without increasing the external coating thickness. The abrasives used for rust removal must meet the quality standards and process requirements, and the relative humidity of the construction environment should not be greater than 85%. After rust removal, clean the steel surface with a brush and other tools before proceeding to the next process. After rust removal, if the rust on the steel surface has returned before applying primer, the rust should be removed again.

10. The paint

After steel derusting is checked and qualified, the first primer is painted on the surface. Generally, after derusting is completed, it is stored in the factory building and the primer can be painted within 24 hours. Stored outside the plant, should be on duty to finish the primer. The paint should be used in accordance with the design requirements. After the first primer is dried, the middle paint and top paint should be brushed to ensure that the thickness of the coating meets the design requirements. Paint in the process of brushing should be uniform, do not fall.

11. Packing and Transportation

① Component number Before packaging, the symbols are converted into the component number specified in the design drawing, and marked on the specified part of the component with pen (paint) or adhesive paper, so as to be identified during packaging.

② Pay attention to the protection of components and coatings in the process of handling, and provide appropriate protection for the parts prone to collision.

③ If deformation and damage occur to the components after handling, repair should be carried out in time to ensure that the components are intact before delivery.

12. Acceptance and inspection

Before leaving the factory, the following information should be submitted:

⑴ product certificate

(2) Construction drawings and design documents

(3) Agreement documents for handling technical problems in the production process

⑷Quality certificate or test report of steel, connecting material and coating

⑸ Weld inspection records

⑹ Coating inspection data

⑺ Acceptance record of main components

⑻ Component Shipping List Information

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