1. Determine the positioning of the guardrail column. The positioning of the line will be directly related to the appearance of the external structure of the guardrail.

2. The  method of guardrail postIt is necessary to complete the work of the column accurately in a practical way.

3. Determine the longitudinal direction of the guardrail column. It is best to keep it perpendicular to the ground.

4. Control the height of the guardrail. Height is also an extremely important part of the project.

Precautions for installation

1. The column of the guardrail plate shall not have signs of torsion, and shall not be welded at both ends of the interface or guardrail plate to make it longer, especially the debris at both ends must be cleaned up and tidy. In the original design, should by the highway control points as the beginning, for spacing between columns can be according to the quantity of specific circumstances make appropriate adjustments, and pillar installation details are as same as the original design drawings, and wants to be coordinated with highway route, columns have to be very strong buried underground, the depth of embedment depth must be in accordance with the original design reference, And perpendicular to the horizon.

2. There are many ways to install guardrail. No matter what kind of method, the construction team should try to avoid the underground pipeline facilities of the highway. If there is damage, the construction team will bear the repair cost. So we have to be careful with this.

3. After the completion of the installation, both horizontal and vertical direction should form a very smooth flow line. Very beautiful, this scene has a good guide to the driver’s driving line of sight.

4. The guardrail plate needs to be located within the limits of the highway, not far away from the highway.

5. Each screw hole and beam plate on the corrugated guardrail plate must be accurately positioned, and whether its position is accurate or not is related to the overall effect.

6. Before the column guardrail plate is installed, we should always pay attention to the situation in the column to prevent foreign bodies from entering the column.

Post time: Jul-21-2022