After the completion of highway, highway maintenance becomes one of the important contents of highway management. In maintenance and repair operations, the following methods are usually used to address the extent of damage to destroyed materials:

1. For the steel pipe column with less serious bending, the method of repairing in situ is adopted. In the bending of the hit column is not to dig open the shoulder soil below, and then the bending is not to slit, heating, straightening, welding with electric welding. Then stick on the additional steel plate welding, can also use two pieces of steel pipe wall material clamping symmetric welding firm, after cooling rust treatment, the best landfill soil and tamp, exposed part according to the situation, brush silver powder, this method will not hurt the shoulder and roadbed.

2. For the anti-collision steel pipe column which is seriously bent, the method of cutting and rejoining should be adopted. Because of this serious deformation of the steel tube column, has lost the significance of straightening, even after straightening welding, the bending strength of the damaged part will be greatly reduced. If it is restored to a cylindrical shape on the site, it will take time and labor intensity is too great. Therefore, it is better to cut off the column and reconnect it. The specific operation is basically the same as the previous method, the difference is; The first bending and deformation of the larger part cut off, re welded on a section of circular pipe, can also be according to the required height, the upper part of all into the new museum. This method of cutting and reconnecting, dig out more shoulder soil, but after the landfill tamping, the shoulder subgrade will not be damaged.

3. For the seriously damaged anti-collision steel pipe column, the only way to replace it is to pull out the pile. The filling part of the steel tube column also has a large bending deformation. The steel column should be pulled out with a pile puller first, and then the hole of the original column should be dug and straightened with a hole cutting tool, and the new steel column should be inserted, and the pile should be driven to the specified height. In order to ensure the compacted degree of roadbed and shoulder, it is necessary to fill the soil layer by layer and market layer by layer when filling, so as to ensure that the roadbed is not damaged, so as to ensure the quality of construction. This kind of pile pulling replacement method is the most complex. If advanced technology and equipment are used, such as advanced small pile pulling machine and small pile driver, to replace the damaged anti-collision steel pipe, the work efficiency will be improved.

4. For the damaged corrugated guardrail, it is advisable to replace the new guardrail. For the corrugated guardrails with repair value, various special molds and equipment can be used after repairing, which can save maintenance costs.

5. For the maintenance of the deformed anti-blocking block (that is, the link spacer), the method of in-situ correction or replacement of new parts is adopted. This depends on the situation. If it can be repaired and used on the spot, it does not need to be dismantled. Use a special jack extrusion device to directly cover the guardrail and the anti-collision column, and perform pressure correction until the anti-collision guardrail is fully compressed. Straightness meets the required position. For severely damaged anti-blocking blocks, new ones should be replaced.

6. It is also impossible to take care of the maintenance of the isolation fence. The highway is completely closed, and his only barrier is the fence. The maintenance of the isolation fence is also related to the driving safety of the highway. The damage to the isolation barrier is mainly caused by human beings, and is often cut, torn, and holed artificially. Especially in the junction of bridge head, bridge and culvert slope protection and isolation grid, and the junction of drainage ditch and isolation grid, the isolation grid in these places often has certain defects. There are many reasons for this. Some of them are due to improper design or construction. Children and pedestrians often enter the expressway through these gaps, which is extremely dangerous. Therefore, the inspection of the isolation fence should be strengthened, and the damaged parts should be repaired in time, and the unreasonable design should be redesigned and manufactured to ensure the safety and smooth flow of the expressway.

Post time: Aug-31-2022