一. Classification of highway guardrail

1. According to the surface treatment, it is divided into hot dip galvanized wave guardrail and galvanized plastic spray.

2. According to the setting location, it can be divided into roadside guardrail and central divider guardrail.

3. According to the anti-collision level, it can be divided into A-level and S-level. The S-level guardrail is a reinforced type, which is suitable for use in particularly dangerous road sections on the roadside, and the A-level guardrail is used for special roads. The commonly used roadside corrugated beam guardrails can be divided into five grades: B, A, SB, SA, and SS according to the anti-collision level.

二. Main specifications of highway guardrails

1. W beam guardrail: 4320*310*85*3/4mm.

2. Thrie-beam guardrail:4320*506*85*4mm.

3. Round post: Φ140/114mm*4/4.5mm*1200mm/ 1500mm/ 1800mm/ 2150mm.

4.Box type  post: 130*6mm.

5.Post cap: Φ114/140mm*2/3mm*100/150mm.

6. Offset block: 196*178*200mm*3mm/4mm/4.25mm/4.5mm.

7. Bolt: M16*170 / M16*150 / M16*50 / M16*42 / M16*35.




Post time: Aug-17-2022