Pallet is a horizontal platform device for Pallet loading, stacking, handling and transportation. Generally made of wood, metal and fiberboard, it is easy to load, unload and carry unit materials and small quantities of materials. Pallet types mainly include wood, plastic, metal and other materials. Wood is the most widely used now, because it is cheap and strong. Plastic pallet is more expensive, moderate load, but with the progress of plastic pallet manufacturing process, some high-load plastic pallet has appeared, is slowly replacing the wooden pallet, while steel pallet also put into production use.

Plastic pallet and wooden pallet and steel pallet introduction comparison:

1. Plastic pallet is made of polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials, and is produced by injection molding and blow molding process equipment. Pallet production process is simple, short time, can be mass production according to the mold. Pallet shapes, structures and sizes are diverse, about more than 100 sizes, basically meet all environmental use. Pallet can be used in -40°, +35° environment, in line with environmental requirements, easy to clean, clean, not easy to damage, huishou reuse, durable, can be used for 6 to 7 years, no need to return to the factory repair. The price is relatively medium, not very expensive, but cheap in the long run.

2. Wooden pallets are made of all kinds of wood. The production cost is low, the price is cheap, and the ventilation is good. But the wooden pallets are prone to damp and moldy, and wood burrs will hurt the operator’s hand.

3. Steel pallet is made of steel and galvanized steel plate. Steel pallet has high production cost, the most expensive price, large load bearing weight and is not easy to damage. However, the steel pallet is easy to corrosion, so it can not be used outdoors. The use of steel pallet is noisy, and there are water chestnuts, which will hurt the bagged goods.

Different pallets have different use environments, For example,  some manufacturers considering the cost, will choose wooden pallets;  some manufacturers consider environmental health use cycle, will choose plastic pallets;  some manufacturers consider large bearing capacity, they will choose steel pallets. Regardless of what the pallet is, as long as it is suitable for our factory and can meet the requirements of use, it is a good pallet.

Post time: May-05-2022